My Academic Work

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  • Java-based Huffman Compression
    • Console-based runnable JAR
    • Performs both encoding and decoding
    • View source; includes testing plans, user’s manual, and design document.
    • C# .NET port available; also includes user’s manual, source code, and .NET Framework Web-based installer.
  • XMOD (XACT-based Sound Module)
    • C#- and XNA-based custom music playback system.
    • Speed-based – capable of running at 60FPS
    • Designed for use in XNA game projects for PC and XBOX360.
    • Utilizes ~252KB of memory at peak usage!
    • View source code here. (requires XNA Redistribute)
  • XMOD Player
    • Simple C#- and XNA-based player to demonstrate XMOD capabilities.
    • View source here.
  • Vector Racer (XNA Maze Game)
    • Simple 2.5D maze-racer game using XNA.
    • Download application here (requires XNA Redistribute.NET 4.0, and NVIDIA GeForce 580 or equivalent) or view source code here.

Thesis/Research Papers

  • 2010
    • My Personal Response to the Main Points Made by Generation Me (Download)
    • My Definition of Personal and Private Success (Download)
    • My Definition of Success (Download)
    • Career Investigation Assignment Results (Download)
    • An Invisible Existence: The Gross Lack of Media Representation of Disabled Persons (Download)
    • Why Piracy Hurts the Video Game Industry (Download)
  • 2011
    • Rights Management and Ethics (Download)

Other Papers

  • How Davenport University Has Shaped Me as an Individual (2014, Download)


  • XMOD Comparisons (2014, Download)
  • Fullmetal Retro (Recreating Square Enix’s Fullmetal Alchemist as a mid-90’s adventure game) (2013, Download)
  • [The] State of Gaming in 1995 (2013, Download)
  • Blended Chaos Publisher’s Presentation (2013, Download)