Mass Dummy File Creator – BAT Edition

by expack3

Those who’ve read my blog recently will remember my Mass Dummy File Creator. However, some of you might have been wondering, “Why did you create an entire application to do what could be done in the Windows Command Line?” To that, I would say, “I didn’t know I could until I looked!” Therefore, I’ve create a separate repository for a version which uses the Windows Command Line via a Batch file to create dummy files, backup files, and/or restore created backups. It does almost everything the original does, with two differences: there’s no way to backup then dummy out files (easily added), and only files with a single extension are supported (not so easily added). In an attempt to fix the latter, I will be recreating the Mass Dummy File Creator – yet again! – into Windows PowerShell, which I hear is significantly more powerful than a Batch file.