Musings on Science and Logic

by expack3

Authors note: The following was postulated by me at this week’s κοινότητα (Community) gathering at Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

As Fr. Robert Barron wrote in his Word on Fire blog post, The Myth of the War Between Science and Religion, modern science is not in conflict because Catholicism holds that ours is a created world. “To hold that the world is created is to accept, simultaneously, the two assumptions required for science, namely, that the universe is not divine and that it is marked, through and through, by intelligibility.” As Fr. Baron also writes, because the world is marked throughout by intelligibility, science is possible because it relies “upon the presumption that nature can be known, that it has a form.” Hence why scientists are able to create things like chaos theory, which studies mathematical systems highly sensitive to how they are set up initially, and be able to get predictable, repeatable results.

As such, I would ask a simple question: if, as atheists posit, God does not exist, then how can we guarantee logic actually exists in the universe? Could it be that, in order to maintain our sanity, we assign meaning to things which, in fact, lack the meaning assigned? Do we assign logic where there is no logic? Food for thought….