Addendum to “Dark Horizons, a most unusual ‘Mech game”

by expack3

Author’s note: as the original post on Dark Horizons was getting quite long – even by my standards – I decided to split off some of my thoughts into an addendum.

Because of the plan to eventually move Dark Horizons to F2P, I plan to suggest that Mr. Adrian try to stay away from F2P types such as “Pay to Play”, where free players are severely limited and often underpowered unless they buy premium items (virtual goods you must buy with real-world currency), and “Pay to Win”, where you can easily achieve victory and/or superiority over your enemies by simply forking over your real, hard-earned money to buy ludicrously-overpowered items. The reason why I plan to do this is because there is actual proof by regarded professional economists and game consultants that these sorts of F2P types, in general, drive away potentially-paying free players, causing poor long-term profits. As I always say: don’t take my word for it, Google it!

Thankfully, these same economists and game consultants have concocted better ways to do F2P. One economist in particular, Mr. Ramin Shokrizade, published an article in late 2012 regarding the problems to the above-mentioned F2P types and his solutions to them. You can find the article, Next Generation Monetization: Supremacy Goods,here:

I’d also recommend taking at Mr. Shokrizade’s previous works, which are mostly posted on his blog on Gamasutra.comthe premier video game industry news site, as they are very insightful into the very hearts of F2P games – how they choose to monetize themselves and how they go about achieving it. Here are some of my favorites: