The Hypocrisy of Steam Users, Revised

by expack3

Previously, I talked about how it seemed Steam users were hypocrites due to how well Uber Entertainment’s Planetary Annihilation was selling in spite of the many complaints from Steam users regarding its pricing. However, I’ve read several people on various forums stating Steam’s “top sellers” list actually sorts titles by revenue, not by the number of copies which have been activated (a short way of saying a copy of a game has been permanently associated with a Steam user’s account). After doing some research, I discovered they weren’t making it up.

According to a Valve employee, who goes by the name of afarnsworth, the list really is sorted by revenue. While there is at least one person who claims a Valve employee who goes by the name of DougV has stated that the Steam “top sellers” list is sorted by the number of activated copies, I haven’t been able to confirm this. (It would also appear DougV is now a former Valve employee – unless, for some highly-unlikely reason unfathomable to me, he acted like he  had a job he actually never had.)

So, yeah…it would seem Steam users, in this case, likely aren’t hypocrites – it just seems like they are if, like me, you made faulty assumptions about how Steam’s “top sellers” list actually works. Sorry about that.