Fallout: Project Brazil – Weirdness with Lieutenant Chevy Bragg

by expack3

Fallout: Project Brazil is arguably the most awesome modification to ever be created for a game in recent years. Effectively a an unofficial prequel expansion for Fallout: New Vegas, Project Brazil takes place in the post-apocalyptic wastes of Southern California, where the New California Republic (NCR), a young democratic republic obsessed with expansion, the raiders known as the Survivalists, and the Super Mutants, a new sentient species birthed from the hand of a twisted warmonger and dark, morally-bankrupt experiments perpetrated in the pre-apocalypse, wage war over the wastelands.

Of course, all this is but grand hints of things yet to come, as this is only the first installment of the modification. In the meantime, players take on daily life in Vault 18, Southern California’s last refuge from the pre-apocalypse and home to a wide variety of people. Among the people you may have to deal with is Lieutenant Chevy Bragg, a hard-nosed, proper English soldier who is the Vault’s security chief. If you’re a sufficiently-strong and respectful fellow, she’ll make you one of her subordinates – but not without testing you first to see if you know your place. Depending on how perceptive you are, you’ll end up being able to engage in a very short, yet very bizarre bit of dialogue. It’s so outrageous that I had to record it. You can find a video of it below, or, if the video doesn’t appear below, you can watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= MU8M2ua1XZE . Either way, be forewarned that the video contains some spoilers – make sure you’ve played the first installment of Fallout: Project Brazil at least once before you watch it. It’ll make playing the modification that much more enjoyable.