The people of 1000 voices – Frank Weller

by expack3

Frank Weller

Competent team leader, incompetent at everything else (according to most modern interpretations), man with a nice ascot (Freddy Jones, Scooby-Doo)

(Left) Smart, observant, powerful fighter, ever-loyal friend (Ace the Bathound, Batman Beyond)

Clinically-insane, alien version of Gen. George Patton, walking tank, supreme evil overlord (Megatron, Transformers series)

(Left) Evil mastermind of absurd plots, cat owner, arch-nemesis, (possibly?) disembodied hand as avatar (Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget)

Mad insane scientist, anti-villain, lover of ice cream, sufferer of chronic, ice cream-induced brain freeze, outrageous name (nickname?) (Professor XXX-L, Codename: Kids Next Door)