Retro image conversions

by expack3

I love retro video images. These things, depending on how many colors they use, are simply awesome! Of course, placing color limitations on modern games doesn’t necessarily seem like a good idea, right? I mean, these images were designed with 32-bit (technically 24-bit) color in mind, after all! What would happen if someone took video game images and converted them into retro-style images? Below are a few of my answers, all hand-converted by me, to that question:

Bastion as it might look on the SNES (256 colors). (See original here)

Hard Reset as it might look with 16 dithered colors on the PC. (See original here)

Even as it might look on the Commodore Amiga (32 colors), the glory of Deus Ex: Human Revolution remains intact. (See original here)

Metro: Last light as it might look on the Commodore Amiga (32 colors). (See original here)

Not a screenshot from a game; rather, how a single frame from the Wolfenstien: The New Order reveal trailer might look using a Hercules Graphics Card (2 colors!). (See original here)